Thursday, March 1, 2012

Everest Dog of the Month

Everest Dog of the Month for March is "Zelda" - photo provided by Jt Clough at Big Island Dog. Simply the finest private dog training on the Big Island.

Big Island Dog will inspire change in your life, and keep you motivated and uplifted until the time is right to do something new. You’ll learn about how to reduce daily stress, do something fun and physical daily, cook delicious food, and recognize when change is something you’d like to move forward with in your life.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everest Summiter explaining ball control to future Everest Dogs...

Gary Guller and the Everest Dogs: Focus. Focus. Focus.

Understanding the Psychology of Dog and providing the knowledge people need to communicate with their dog: You can have the obedient, happy, confident dog you always wanted. K9 Coach San Diego Dog Training specializes in dog "board and train" boot camps for San Diego & South Riverside County. Our dog boot camp training includes an exclusive in-kennel dog training camp for your dog or dogs, with follow-up private to semi-private people training. In addition to our in-kennel dog training we offer private lessons and online dog training.

Monday, January 4, 2010

What Is Everest Dog Training doing in 2010?

Its 2010 and Everest Dog is busy training ourselves so that we can bring great lifestyles to you.

On the schedule for Gary Guller is The Marathon Des Sables this Spring while Jt Clough plans to run a half marathon in February as well as writing 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon programs to train your and your dog. We’ll bring you updates on the blog of our training, as well as ideas you can put on your schedule for your own inspirational adventure.

We found ourselves running on the Rio Grande Trail in Taos, NM today. The dogs, a Weimaraner and a Yellow Lab, always give inspiration with the enthusiasm they show even at the end of a 90 minute run in 20 degree weather.

Dogs as training parters are the best.

Canine Cross Training: Running Your 1st 5K

Watch for upcoming dates: Everest Dog Camp, Taos, NM